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LAMIPA is an architectural exchange platform showcasing architectural projects and services from Spain and Portugal. LAMIPA offers the remarkable architectural style that resides between the Spanish and Portuguese culture. This style emphasizes on a special combination of simple forms, neat details, functionality and sustainability.

LAMIPA is an association of professionals with experience in the selection and production of cinematographic and television documentaries. Since 1998 LAMIPA is developing a platform in order to exhibit art and culture by organizing audiovisual festivals combined with other activities like conferences and workshops.

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Alejandro Trinchant (ES)

Sofia Machado (PT)


Sofia Machado

Francisco Serras

Team Members

Marco Roque Antunes,  JUST IN CASE 


Former Team Members

Inês Lopes Moreira  

Rute Santos  

Pedro Castro

Luis Aguirre Manso

Eva García Pascual

Emma Lv

Diego Laguía

Javier Enjuto