4 Days, 4 Pritzkers

The portuguese Architects Association (OA) and the International Master of Audiovisual Programs (MIPA) with the support of Lusíada University select, within the commemorations of World Architecture Day'11, four architectural documentaries / short films presenting the testimonies, readings of its filmmakers on a given territory and its main protagonists - the architects.

October 08 > “How much does your building weigh, Mr Foster?”
October 15 > “OSCAR NIEMEYER - An architect committed to his century”
October 22 > “I.M. PEI - First Person Singular ”
October 29th > “JØRN UTZON - Clouds”

ARCHITECTURE ARGUMENT. MIPA LX2011 is part of EXD'11's lounging space program taking place in the multipurpose room I.

About MIPA: http://alejandro-trinchant.blogspot.com/.

Simultaneously, from October 10 to 14, at Lusíada University, in auditorium 1, the remaining ARGUMENT ARCHITECTURE selection will be projected. MIPA LX2011. Also on the 14th there will be a closing conference of the cycle scheduled to start at 17h in the same auditorium.

October 10th
10h00 - Opening Session
11h - Presentation: introduction to documentaries by Arch. Jorge Virgílio Rodrigues Mealha da Costa.
11h10 - Space, function and form: Zumthor + Caminada.
11h45 - Inhabiting the landscape: Siza Vieira.

October 11th
18h00 - Presentation: Introduction to the documentaries by Prof. Dr. Maria João dos Reis Moreira Soares.
18h10 - Frank & Alvar: Frank Gehry and Alvar Aalto.
18h50 - The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: Frank Gehry.

October 12th
10h00 - Presentation: introduction to the documentary by Master Architect Susana Maria Tavares dos Santos Henriques.
10h10 - Open work: Álvaro Siza, Alcino Soutinho, Souto Moura, Sergio Fernández, Alexandre Alves Costa and Nuno Portas.

October 13
18h00 - Presentation: introduction to documentaries by Arch. Luís Maria Rodrigues Batista.
18:10 - Utopia and pragmatism: MVDRV. 18h40 - Architects of the volcan: RCR.
19h00 - The maison de Bordeaux: Rem Koolhaas.

October 14
15h00 - Presentation: introduction to documentaries by Arch. Joao Manuel da Silva Ramos Marques.
15:10 - Fragments [Hotel Rey Juan Carlos]: Carlos Ferrater.
15h30 - No place like - 4 houses 4 films: Aires Mateus, Bak Gordon, Carrilho da Graça, Siza Vieira.
17h00 - Closing session: "Research, document and art in architectural film".