LaMipa: CLOSE, CLOSER associated project

The LaMipa project has become one of the associated projects of the 3rd edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale - Close, Closer - promoting at the Sinel de Cordes Palace, Trienal headquarters, the launch of its web platform, the '7X7' exhibition and a vast 4-day conference program.

LaMIPA and LISBON ARCHITECTURE TRIENNAL create this synergy with the goal of promoting Architecture as a Cultural Heritage, allowing younger or more established architecture workshops to showcase and promote their work.

Web platform
LAMIPA is a platform for architecture diffusion, presenting in short films up to 7 minutes, projects and studio services from Spain and Portugal, showing the distinctive architectural style of both cultures.
The platform made public in this edition of the triennial is the result of a growing work started in 1998 as a way of exhibiting art and culture through the organization of audiovisual festivals, conferences and workshops.

7X7 Exhibition
The exhibition features unpublished documentaries completed between 2010 and 2013 - short 7-minute documentaries showing the work of Portuguese and Spanish architecture studios.

LaMipa Conferences
The opportunity to present the work to an audience within 20 minutes at the Triennale of Architecture headquarters has created a lively debate between Portuguese and Spanish studios about their work and how they can enhance Iberian architecture in this new global scenario. Conversations about past and present practices for a better future.

(October 8th)

15h00 - Xpiral + MTM - Special Award Mención Mies Van der Rohe 2013
3:30 pm - EMBASSY - AW AWARD International Award - House of Cubes
4:00 pm - Ana Laura Vasconcelos - Interpretation Centers of Boqueirão and Fajã of Caldeira de São Cristóvão
4:30 pm - ASPA Architects - Enor Award 2011
5:00 pm - STROOP - Uniland Prize - “Landscape in Production - Restoration of Canteras” - Honorable Mention
17h30 - Jansana da Villa de Paauw - Winners of the 2012 European Award for Urban Public Space.
18h00 - Global, Landscape Architecture - 1st Prize New Lisbon Cruise Terminal with JLCG Architects
18h30 - PROAP - 1st National Landscape Prize 2010
19h00 - Entresitio - Enor Award 2009
19h30 - Frederico Valsassina Architects - Valmor Award

(October 9th)
3:00 pm - Camilo Rebelo + Tiago Pimentel - 1st place at MAAVC Architecture Competition
15.30 - SPACEWORKERS - Build 2010 Awards Finalist
16h00 - Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos - 1st place in international competition - Madrid Río
4:30 pm - Ateliermob - 1st prize of the Amareleja Master Plan Competition
17h00 - Atelier RUA - 2nd Prize New corporate building “Caja Badajoz” Spain
17h30 - 4 + ARCHITECTS - 1st Prize Torres Novas Business Center
18.00 - GA S2 Associated Architects - 1st prize at the Santa Marinella International Competition, Italy
18h30 - Atelier DATA - 1st international competition “3000 houses” in Vallecas, Spain
19h00 - Montenegro Architects - 1st Prize International School of Competition in M&T of the Polytechnic Institute of Beja
7:30 pm - Pedro Maurício Borges - Secil Prize 2002

(October 10th)
15h00 - FORA Architects - 1st prize "Student Residence Contest"
15h30 - Miguel Marcelino, Architect - 1st place in the public competition Escola Fonte de Angeão
16h00 - Nelson Resende Architect - Casa Souto and Casa Praia Verde
4:30 pm - André Espinho Arquitectura - WA AWARDS International Award
17.00 - A43 Architecture - Architecture Biennial Miami Beach Silver Medal 2009
17h30 - Atelier Central - 1st International Alpine Club Competition Award in Ingolstadt, Germany
18h00 - ACXT - Javier Perez Uribarri - RIBA European Award 2012
18h30 - Olga Sanina and Marcelo dantas. Architects - 1st Prize Book Fair Madrid International Competition
19h00 - ADOC - Lumiar Health Center 1st Prize
19h30 - Debate on “Architecture for a new reality”

(October 11th)
15h00 - CONSEXT - Consexto Lab - Best Commercial Installation Award EMEA 2012
15h30 - CORREIA / RAGAZZI Arquitectos - 1st Prize at the International Residential Building Design Competition 2008
16h00 - TERNULLOMELO Architects - 1st prize in the international contest "Make urban renewal"
16h30 - BLAANC - Architecture Without Borders - 1st International Ghana Emerging Awards Competition
17h00 - BAIXA - Architecture Atelier - 1st Prize in the Public Competition of the Historic Center of Olhão, Algarve
17h30 - RVDM Arquitectos - 1st place in the International Competition for the requalification of Figueira de Foz Seaside - Portugal, 2012
18h00 - ELAP - Los del desierto - Finalist for Best Interior Design Awards 2011
18h30 - OAB PARTNERSHIP - Casas de Colonias Viladoms. ESPLAI NGO - Shortlisted FAD Awards 2011
19h00 - Architecture Bruno Silvestre - House in Pero Pinheiro - RIBA EU Awards 2013 finalist
19h30 - MIMA Architects - Building of the Year 2011 awarded by Archdaily

(October 12th)
15h00 - Pedro Domingos Arquitectos - FAD Awards 2013
15h30 - CNLL - Nuno Lacerda Lopes - AW AWDS International Award - School in Mouriz
16h00 - Jorge Mealha - 1st Prize Óbidos Technology Park
16h30 - Falcão de Campos - Finalist of the FAD 2007 and 2013 Awards
17h00 - Santa-Rita Arquitectos - 1st prize Almada Nascente with partnership WSAtkins and Richard Rogers
17h30 - AQSO - Luis Aguirre Manso - 1st Prize Government of Castile and León
18.00 - Campos Costa Arquitectos - 1st Prize in the Master Plan de Loulé Competition
18h30 - Iñaqui Carnicero - FAD 2012 Award
19h00 - Matos Gameiro Arquitectos - 1st Prize at the International Competition of the Public Library and Grândola Archive
19h30 - A1V2 - L 'Avenir of Harhoura, Rabat and Sale
20h00 - End of Conferences

Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa