LaMipa presents its new platform at MAAT Museum

LaMipa presents its new platform at the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) from September 14, 2019. Ten Iberian films will be seen at the exhibition "Screenings" and, on the inaugural afternoon, Sofia Machado Santos makes a presentation at the Talk “Cultura as a vehicle for economic promotion of the real estate sector” in one of the events organized by Arte Institute - RHI - Think arts, Talk business, Make culture.

In the iconic building of Central Tejo, at the end of the Central Electric Circuit, from 14 to 21 of September, LaMipa will feature "Screenings by LaMipa", a series of 10 architectural films from its relaunched platform, where we take conscience of the distinctive architectural styles of Spanish and Portuguese cultures; on a sequence, Iberian films reveal the diversity and common features of multiple architectural works, in their simple forms, elegant details, functionality and sustainability.

On the opening Saturday of the exhibition, at 2:30 pm, also at the Central Tejo building, the co-founder of the LaMipa project Sofia Machado Santos will share with Ana Granados and Patrícia Canelas the theme of the Talk “Culture as a vehicle for economic promotion of the Real Estate sector”, placing the three female voices emphasizing real estate values and the significant importance of culture.

RHI -Think, an initiative organized by the Arte Institute, aims to reinvent contemporary culture and mobilize artists, cultural agents and the public for a new attitude. Motivated by the need to reinvent the dialogue between art, culture and business, RHI -Think continues and broadens the mission of the Arte Institute by valuing artistic production and creating bridges between Portuguese artists and world projects.

The RHI initiative will take place in 12 cities of Portugal, from north to south of the country. From September 14 to 21, 2019, Portugal will host lectures, workshops and events for art professionals, the general public or simply art lovers.

RHI-Think wants these cultural moments to remain documented on its online platform, continuing to promote these events throughout the year, allowing anyone in the world to access them. RHI's web platform will function as an online network that unites cultural producers, artists and creative industries, thereby informing and generating opportunities for new dialogues and multidisciplinary creations.

MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology
Edifício da Central Tejo, Circuito Central Elétrica
14 - 21 September 2019

MAAT - Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia
Central Tejo Building
Sofia Machado Santos + Ana Granados e Patrícia Canelas 
14th September 2019 /// 14h30

Arte Institute /  RHI – Think  
MAAT - Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia