S,M,L,XL Revisited

Twenty years after the release of the first edition of "S, M, L, XL" by Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Mau, LaMipa promoted between March and September 2015 a cycle of debates at the Roca Lisboa Gallery, in Lisbon, looking for narratives. on the globalization of architecture and the new international scenarios.

"S, M, L, XL" is revisited as a discussion guide, recovering its critical dimension of architecture and society. Different practices and views on the national architecture present in the LaMipa Platform are discussed, with the aim of parallelizing the various approaches and adding a new dimension of communication and joint reading through scales.

Pursuing the editorial logic of "S, M, L, XL", in a presentation of 12 projects for 4 distinct scales, five debates arise highlighting the fundamental importance of this publication, manifest of a time that revolutionized contemporary architecture.

S | SMALL [ 18th march ]
OSMD-A >>> Madrid Book Fair Pavilion
ASPA >>> Garden Bar 9 Abril
Pedro Maurício Borges Arquitecto >>> Netos Chapel

M | MEDIUM [ 23rd april ]
Atelier DATA >>> Varatojo House
Embaixada Atelier >>> Cubos House
CNLL >>> Silvalde House

L | LARGE [ 21st may ]
Jorge Mealha Arquitecto >>> Óbidos Technology Park
Montenegro Arquitectos >>> Polytechnic Institute of Beja
André Espinho Arquitectura >>> School in Alenquer

XL | EXTRA LARGE [ 18 junho ]
Souto Moura Arquitectos, Pinearq, Manuel Abreu, Miguel Peixoto, RRJ Arquitectos, Lisbon Design Studio >>>  Évora Central Hospital

PROAP >>> Antwerp Riverfront 
Santa-Rita Arquitectos >>> Urban Beaches of Costa de Caparica Master Plan

20 ANOS S,M,L,XL [ 10th september ]


Roca Lisboa Gallery