ACXT, an architecture services provider, started off as a society of professionals who came together with the aim of offering a quality alternative within the field of architecture, becoming a valid option for the professional development of architects interested in high level architecture. Its philosophy marks the creation of a professional framework of collaboration and avail of its members’ synergies, always from a full understanding of architecture: both technically and culturally.

The philosophy that guides ACXT is based on the respect for traditional values, still in force today, generated during the secular practice of architecture. ACXT is committed to signature architecture, understood in terms of respect for the creative values that architects, with a clear customer orientated practice, have historically contributed throughout the whole intellectual and constructive process. ACXT aims to offer a quality solution to the huge social credit that the practice of architecture implies in its double commercial and cultural dimension.

ACXT-IDOM has become the largest provider of professional services to architecture in Spain and one of the most relevant worldwide.

Our team

  • Javier Pérez Uribarri


Av. Zarandoa, 23 - 48015 

Bilbao, Spain

Phone: +34 91 444 11 63

Email: aroman@acxt.net