Born in 2006, ADOC emerged from the confluence of a group of architects with different experiences, similar visions and common targets. This union resulted from the need to overcome the actual means dispersion in the real estates investment process.

The absence of agents capable of helping the investor while making his idea come to life, sent ADOC on a quest to gather its team of professionals, consultants and partners. The purpose was to elevate the arquitectural process into a platform which integrates all its specialties in a group of actions, where the sustainable and creative aspects of the real estate project are preponderant features.
Our main commitment is to help the investor to make the best decision and choise on the most suitable solution under a greater control of timings and cost .
The studio focus on drawing studies for the building feasability and launches strategic lines to best accomplish the client's idea and investment Together with an integrated management, we carry out the projects deadline, costs and quality patterns
It is within the architectural atmosphere that the idea gains weight and matter. It leaves the abstract world and lands on earth, there growing from a reality where the quality of life is the main character.

Our team

  • Duarte Cardoso Ferreira
  • Nuno Lobo Guerra
  • Ricardo Boaventura
  • Rita Frias Silva



Rua Rosa Araújo 30, 7º Dtº

1250-195 Lisbon, Portugal

Tel: +351 211 525 265

nuno.guerra@adoc.pt / duarte.ferreira@adoc.pt


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