On a narrow, elongated site where a house already stood it was proposed to build a small studio that could be used as both a paint workshop and an occasional weekend home for the children of the owners.

The starting point for the project was given by the financial aspect, as it needed to be an economically viable project on a tiny budget estimated at seventy thousand euros. This factor limited both the structural possibilities and the finishes, which meant we had a very clear starting premise: we needed to work with the local industrial­ists (if possible from the same village), and with technical solutions that they were accustomed to, as they were the traditionally adopted ones in the typical constructions of the area. This premise led us to work with load bearing walls, single-direction forgings, aluminium windows of reasonable dimensions and conventional finishes such as painted render.

On this basis, the studio-dwelling, of around ninety metres square, is divided into two well-differentiated sectors: an open-plan space that gives on to the outside via a cane porch, and a more intimate space, with two bedrooms and a small bathroom.

Our team

  • Anna Bach
  • Eugeni Bach


Anna & Eugeni Bach, architects

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