Urrutia 5 - Geriatric Center Nou Barris

“Respect” for the existing building as a reminder of what the neighborhood once was. Building its surroundings with special attention to the appropriation of its personal space as well as providing a recognizable image for the new building.

The proposed building begins at the existing house and extends towards the opposite extreme of the site acknowledging the pre-existing historical vestiges with its folds and cantilevers.

The park gives us a starting point: a playground for children, a place where children might build their first house, their hideout in their secret world. It is a cheerful place with water, islands, the bridge, the trees... The house floats among the trees over the water, in the same trees that defend and define it.

The new apartment building incorporates the invading granite steps from the park and transforms them into an access to the vestibule

Our team

  • Joan Callís
  • Pia Wortham


Callís Wortham

Ronda San Antoni, 58  

08001 Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34 93 412 32 44



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