I like to think that an architectural project can be an accumulation of desires that take shape in a certain place.
I like to think of architecture as an experience linked to a territory, able to discover and intuit its values and even propose questions that can enrich us and broaden their understanding.
I consider the architecture project as a way of relating things, to link different issues that come together in one place: the urban environment, vegetation, landscape, memory, light and space, program, people, etc. ..
I believe that projects have to be imagined, lived and traveled; to be able, through them, to tell stories about their inhabitants and the places where they were built.
Each design creates its own interior and exterior landscape. Each work always starts from a new departure, not conditioned a priori by a geometric form or linked to a certain material. I believe in the architecture proposed by the site and for the site, according to the needs and expectations of the client, who can propose an experience. A difficult challenge which I continuously aspire to, in every new job.

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  • Carmen Moreno Álvarez


Carmen Moreno Álvarez 

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