Trained as philosopher and gardener, Fernando Caruncho began his career 40 years ago and has performed private and public projects all over the world. His two sons, Fernando and Pedro, have recently joined the studio. Trained as architects, they embody a new generation raised in gardens and brought up in the importance of the connection between landscape, garden, architecture and man.
Based in a deep and full understanding of the site, its light and its landscape, his projects are a reflection of the place’s ideas, the place’ Spirit talking to us and to which we owe ourselves. The careful control of light, the use of Geometry to interpret the place´s ideas, and a subtle balance in the use of vegetal and mineral elements are the essence of Caruncho’s gardens.
All through his career, Caruncho has constantly merged architecture with landscape, creating a great synergy between them, resulting in projects with a sense of unity. His architecture is always a consequence of the garden and its connection to landscape. The control of light, the use of scale in relation with men and landscape, and the use of local materials are the key points of his understanding of architecture.

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