Frederico Valsassina Heitor was born in Lisbon in 1955 and graduated in Architecture in July 1979 at the Lisbon School of Fine Arts. In 1983 he begins his individual activity – a long and intense working path which defines Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos. The office aims, above all, a perfect teamwork, whose coordinator has the intrinsic ability to manage knowledge and extract from each one of his co-workers their best capabilities. This means, he is an excellent human resources manager, with an excellent knowledge of “people”, which basically becomes the aim of an architect or of architecture. Not a selfish architectural form, contemplative and inaccessible, but an approach to architecture as a technical service that is provided with the highest quality and the required professionalism. Using the definition of Valsassina, the architect: “The architect is a producer of dreams”, we add that the architect is not only a producer of dreams but he also has the ability to “live them”. He has the dual ability to create architecture and to test it. FVA is a challenging office that works efficiently, with rhythm and professionalism, being extremely competitive both on national and international basis. This team produces a contemporary image of architecture that mutates over times and space. A true concept of public space, in the sense that there is freedom and involvement the different stages. A true construction site, during the project and while building it, looking at the several architects who put up much of their work with new materials and new technologies, signing in some kind their presence in a true dialectic.

Our team

  • Frederico Valsassina Heitor


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