Nuno Montenegro’s experience spans nearly two decades of activity. Its architectural projects and plans stand today published in many countries and his scientific work has also been widely published and cited in the field of technologies applied to planning. Awarded in several international competitions, he has been invited to participate in conferences, lectures and seminars worldwide. Nuno Montenegro’s office boasts a team that is able to cater for the full range of technical project planning specialties, from urban planning to design of public and private developments. The set of partnerships it has built and its drive to foster experimental research are the two cornerstones behind its concept. Montenegro’s team is able to provide a design-oriented development concept, hands-on benefit of a small dynamic company, with a well-built network of knowledge connectors and a technological lead and design expertise of a large firm. In its design practice the company has earned a reputation for excellence in master planning and design of distinctive residential, educational, laboratory facilities, recreational, retail and mixed-use projects.

Our team

  • Nuno Montenegro


MONTENEGRO arquitetos / architects

Praça da Liberdade, 18

2890-209 Alcochete, Portugal

Phone: +351 212 342 334

Email: info.montenegro@mail.com


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