Nelson Resende Architect is a small office of architecture located in Ovar, Portugal, leaded by Nelson Resende.

He graduated Architecture from F.A.U.P. in 2000 and since then he has been working with several architecture studios, learning different approaches to the projects,complementary to its own individual path.

The office’s approach to architecture:

- Prefers a close approach to the practice of the work during construction, defending the architecture just as the materialization of the project.

- Defends a more intuitive approach to the project, against absolute truths.

- Doesn’t reject working with the banality, in the same way that supports and advocates the need to eliminate the paradigms for the sake of sustainability of resources and architecture itself.

- Rejects the preconception on the banal, which is a way to mask the weakness of the response, the insecurity to prove the added value of the architect in less comforting situations.

- Rejects the idea of fashion as tightly as avoiding labels.

- Defends the beautiful, but also the need for the disruptive, unclear and misunderstood, as a way to maintain interest in the finished structure.

- Stands up for the design as a basis to create spaces with soul and character.

Our team

  • Nelson Resende
  • Marco Costa
  • Agostinho Pinto


Nelson Resende, Arquitecto

Rua da Nogueira, 135

3885-104 Arada, Ovar, Portugal

Phone: 00351 938663627

Email: atelier@nelsonresendearquitecto.com