Carlos Ferrater is an architect with a coherent professional career spanning more than forty years—since 1971, in fact—who has combined professional practice and academic experience, having proved his worth in many projects of enormous relevance and distinction, as well as in transmitting an enthusiasm for day-to-day tasking.
In 2005 Carlos, together with his children Borja and Lucía Ferrater, plus his son-in-law Xavier Martí-Galí, decided to set up a new collective platform, Office of Architecture in Barcelona (OAB), based on what had been learnt in previous years.
OAB picks up on the trajectory of the earlier studio, whilst incorporating new ways of understanding architecture on the part of the members of the team in a richer, more varied and more flexible way of approaching project design. The renewal and creation of this new platform will attempt to confront the challenges that the architecture of this century has posed in the intellectual and social, technological and environmental fields.
The projects and works built during this most recent period privilege the desire to work in different contexts by extending and enriching OAB’s range when seeking new channels of formal expression.

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