Spaceworkers® is an architecture and design studio located in Paredes, in northern Portugal, directed by architects Henrique Marques and Rui Dinis. The studio has based its practice on the exploration and constant search of new paradigms of contemporary architecture, in order to achieve a close relation between form and emotions. The works reflect the pragmatic vision with which the architects face the challenges, and the critical spirit that evaluates the context that surrounds them. The works presented in the video demonstrate how the studio adapts its interventions in different contexts of space and place, without ever losing the values that serve as guidelines.

Our team

  • Henrique Marques
  • Rui Dinis


Rua Central do Bairro nº 792

4580-591 Paredes, Portugal

Phone: +351 255781150

Email: geral@spaceworkers.pt


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